The Legend of Roro Jonggrang

    Once upon a time there was a king called Prabu Baka (Prabu was the titled for kings in Java long time ago). He wanted to marry Jonggrang.   of course Roro Jonnnggrang refused him because his father was king Baka^s enemy. Roro Jonggrang was threatened in a bad manner, and    was  forced to be married.

She,finally acccepted King Baka after a very difficult agreement; King Baka had to build a thousand temples in one night. Roro Jonggrang thought it was imposible, but it was very easy for the king. who had many bad and cruel fairies to help him. The task was almost fulfilled by the King., when suddently Roro Jonggrang ordered all the women to hit and rap their “lesung”(Jesung is an instrument for preparing rice)

All the roosters thought it was morning because the sound of lesung was the sign that morning was coming. The roosters crowing with very loud.

Hearing the roosters loud voice, King Baka with the fairies felt down hearted. Only 999 temples had been built. This was still not enough for the Princess. But King Baka could do anything at anytime. The fairies were very afraid of the dawn so they were all running and hiding because they thought the dawn was coming soon.

Knowing it was only a trick King Baka was very angry with the Princess and with became very bad tempered. He changed Princess Jonggrang into the last temple.
Now, you can see the Roro Jonggrang temple in Prambanan


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